If you’re planning on camping this weekend, you may want to postpone. We will not be seeing the same gorgeous weather that we saw during May Long Weekend, but the good news is snow is not expected in the forecast.

“We've had some fairly nice weather over the last couple of days with temperatures just above the normal for this time year. But what we have moving in this weekend on Friday especially, is a low pressure system. That’s going to spread showers on Friday and in some more organized precipitation into Saturday as that system develops and pushes across Alberta. There is going to be a fair amount of cloud that’s going to move in with the weekend,” said Fougere.

Tomorrow (May 26), will continue to be sun and cloud. Temperatures are expected to dip down starting on Sunday.

“We're looking at temperatures around 19 on Friday and 18 on Saturday. Then as some cold air kind of pulls down with that system as it moves across. We're only looking at a high of 12 for Sunday with showers,” said Fougere.

He said the low pressure system will mostly be affecting the Central Alberta and Northern Alberta areas. Luckily so far, it doesn’t seem like snow or any heavy deluge of rain is on the way at this point but showers can be expected.

Fougere noted that more recently, central Alberta has been right on track with average temperatures for this time of the year and hasn’t noted anything out of the norm.