On Giving Tuesday (November 30th), Weidner Motors Ltd., Empire Auto Sales, Gary Moe Chrysler, and Lionel’s No Frills teamed up provide a massive donation to the Lacombe Food Bank. Several volunteers pushed $8,500 worth of groceries in grocery carts to the Food Bank. 

“We've partnered up with Lionel at No Frills and we have a lot of groceries. We filled 16 carts and we walked with shopping carts down from No Frills all the way to the Food Bank,” said Dean Moe, Gary Moe Chrysler Dealer Principal. 

Although the weather was great for the event, Moe admitted it was a little warm to push the carts filled with food. Some carts had large bags of sugar which were quite heavy to push almost a full kilometer to the Food Bank. Each cart could be valued around $500. 

“It was quite hot, which is interesting that it's almost December 1st and we're sweating pushing shopping carts two blocks down the road. It turned out awesome, the weather was good,” said Moe. 

Despite the hard work, David Dube, Shipping Receiving and Dairy Manager for Lionel’s No Frills was happy to do it. 

“[It was] a little bit tiring, but a nice change of pace from what I normally do,” said Dube. 

The hard work wasn’t over when the crew of volunteers arrived at the Food Bank either. Several boxes of food items had to be carried inside for the food bank to weigh and collect. 

“I do know Lionel touched base [with the food bank] and everything we brought today is what they require for the season to come,” added Moe. 

The shopping carts came stocked with cookies, crackers, laundry soap, sugar, toilet paper, several canned items and more. The food bank was very grateful for the donation. 

Given the success of this year’s grocery haul, Moe hopes to see the return of the event next year.