The Ellis Bird Farm is hosting their Bug Jamboree this Saturday, August 13th. It will be a wonderful opportunity to learn all about your favourite creepy crawlies.  

During the event, you can learn about bugs with local bug experts including Ken Fry, Dr. Charley Bird, Davie Lawrie, Charity Briere and Nicole Kimmel. You can take a Butterfly walk or participate in pond dipping to learn about some aquatic insects.  

Here’s a look at the day’s events:  

  • 1:15 PM- ‘Learning to Love (at least some) Bugs’ with John Acorn 
  • 1:30PM- Butterfly walk with Ben Acorn 
  • 2:00PM- “Cool Alberta Bugs” Bug hunt with Ilan Domnich 

If you are not a big bug fan, the Ellis Bird Farm is home to several local species of birds and has walking trails to explore. Bug Jamboree events will be running from 1:00PM to 4:30PM.