The Alberta Advantage Party is one of the parties looking to win over voters in the upcoming election. 

The AAP was officially entered into the Register of Political Parties on November 9, 2018, after 8,600 signatures were collected and put before Elections Alberta.

Paula Lamoureux, who will be running in the Rocky Mountain House - Sundre riding, was the third candidate who was announced to be running with the party. She is a former Wolf Creek Public School trustee who spends a lot of her time outside. 

What is something you are most proud of accomplishing during your time in office?

"The biggest accomplishment is that we have such a grassroots platform. I'm really happy to go out and promote that to Albertans and hopefully form a government that Albertans deserve."

What policies are you looking to really stress during this election?

"Well, we're looking at eliminating the carbon tax over the next 4 years which is on our platform, we have an energy plan that will put Albertans back to work and we are also looking for autonomy so that we can keep our funds in revenue count and put our money back in Albertans pockets."

What policies or initiatives do you hope to continue if you get elected again?

"The carbon tax, crime in our area and for that we are looking at elevating more Sheriff's and RCMP and a change to the judicial system by way of making a more efficient system."

What is your area of expertise in your party/what are you most keen on?

"I’ve been a big Advocate against the Bighorn proposal. The whole initiative involves the Y2Y and it is basically setting that area up for tourism and it's taking away from Albertsons. I've been advocating against it and the Alberta Advantage party back in January set out a release indicating that if there were any contracts or if the government had put anything through that we would look at reversing it and also look at reversing the castle mountain and bringing it back to Albertans so that we can enjoy it the way we have."

What do you think is most important to Central Alberta residents about your platform?

"The income tax for individuals and corporations is 10.5% and the personal tax deduction is being increased from $18,000 to $24,000. That is a huge plus in putting money back into Albertans pockets and again our energy platform, which includes reinstating work and wells. Also looking at our coal mines because we’ve got the cleanest coal in Canada and we have a system to clean and it's also wanted by other countries."

What is your attachment to this area?

"I just live right outside the boundary of the area but I spend 90% of my time there. I'm a Hunter, I'm a fisherwoman and I'm a camper. I like water and that is the area where I spend 90% of my time for sure."